Ho scelto Sabaudia come luogo dello spirito per i miei riposi forzati e le mie ansie di lavori futuri, sogni furiosi che mi tengono ancorato al mondo

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 La morte non č nel non poter comunicare ma nel non poter piú essere compresi

Equality_Human Righths in the Mediterranean
Master d´Université 2022 (4. Ed.
February-October) - Virtual  60 ECTS
(Statutes & Regulations, § 1.2.2.-)

Information for students



  • Tuition Fess | Derechos de Matrícula

  • 1.- The fees cover the minimum maintenance cost of the Master. According to the average of public prices in the EU, the enrollment fees in this Master amount to  € 1.800,00 (60 ECTS plus TFM, plus Diploma) *. This amount can be divided into three payments: a) on the date of registration (600,00); b) once 30 ECTS have been completed (600,00); c) before formalizing the registration in the TIM (600,00)

  • 2.-. It is allowed to formalize registration only by independent Didactic Units. The tuition fees, in this case, are € 30,00 / DU, according to the minimum scale that public prices set. The repetition of outstanding credits from previous courses is not penalized. The rights of the Master's Thesis (TFM) amount, consequently, to € 360 (12 ECTS). *

  • 3.- EXCEPTIONALLY: Students of the last school year with pending ECTS (DU or TFM) may formalize the registration by independent Didactic Units. In this case, the registration fees for that course are applied: € 1,532.00 / course; € 25.53 / UD (TFM = € 360.00)

  • 4.- In order to admitted, candidates must send to equality-humanrights@emui.eu a standardized CV, inclosing a letter of motivation and proof of income of 10% of the registration fees (€ 180.00) *
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 La mia indipendenza, che č la mia forza, implica la solitudine, che č la mia debolezza