EMUI_ EuroMed University

International Academic and Research Center
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Interuniversity Platform for Innovation (Research, Higher Teacher and Training - LLP), by adapting existing (or new design) projects and programs to the Priority Linges of the EU Framework Program Horizon 2020 and the EU 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Joint management and open offer, especially for students from Southern Mediterranean countries. 

EMUI_ Priority Lines

Mediterranean: Equality_ Human Rights

Contributions to Human Development in the Mediterranean Region

Academic Headquarters 

Administrative Headquarters 

EuroMed University · Monastero degli Olivetani

Dip. di Storia, Società e Studi sull'Uomo

Università del Salento · Via di Valesio 24
Studium 2000, Ed 5 - 73100 LECCE (IT)

Lo Scrittoio_ EMUI
Federico Ozanam 134
00152 ROMA (IT)
+39 331 571 7674

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